The Federal Reserve did raise interest rates by .75 percent this afternoon, and this is a welcome event. This is the first time there has been any real meaningful move to slow the rise in inflation. This market is looking for leadership from the White House, the Fed and the Treasury department and this is the only real meaningful event we have received from any office in the federal government.

The markets have sold off fast and deep after Friday’s inflation number jumped even higher. Optimism was starting to tick up as the market closed one day above the HCM-BuyLine® indicator on June 6th, indicating the potential start of a new trend. Remember, the market must close above the HCM-BuyLine® for 5 days for a confirmed signal to re-enter the market, which it did not do. The markets immediately sold off a sharp 9%+ in 4 trading days after the inflation number was released. One thing you most likely can expect is extreme volatility over the next few weeks, if not a few months.

I’m sure many of you have seen and read about Ray Dalio, who manages one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He is a big practitioner of transcendental meditation (TM). Transcendental meditation is usually practiced twice a day for 20 minutes where you sit in a quite space, close your eyes and try to empty your mind of stress and negative thoughts. Ray Dalio is a very big believer in TM and speaks about its benefits on a regular basis. So why do you think Ray is such a big advocate of TM? Answer: because of markets like this! Everyone, and I mean everyone, is getting thrown around the room in markets like this. Even Ray Dalio.

Stay optimistic. I have never met a rich pessimist!